Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saving Grace

This morning I had a good cry.. one of the kind of cries that come from people that have touched your heart. It was for a brief second sitting here at my desk after my mom forwarded an e-mail to me from a lady who my mom knows in Mtn. Home. This lady does not know me nor has she ever met me but felt the need to write my mom this morning and tell her what was on her heart. There are so many people in this world who have negative things to say about me but I just thank God for people like her because they give me hope that for every negative person out there.. there are 3 people like her to take that negativity over. These people are my saving grace, my reason for wanting to get up in the morning. They keep me going. I respect & appreciate these type of people. Here is the letter... (Note: This letter is written to my mother.)

Hey Karry-

I was thinking about your daughter last nite. Please don't think that Cody said anything negative about her having a baby. He had mentioned it in conversation and he has great respect for her and what she is doing. I have always tried to instill in Cody that he was a gift and my Greatest achievement. I am so proud of your daughter and her decisions. I remember in high school when I got pregnant my friends dropped me like I had the plague and said what a HUGE MISTAKE I was making. Oh yes abortion would have been the easy way out but to me it wasn't the fault of the baby it was my mistake and I would make it right. It is a hard road for a single mother and what your daughter is doing deserves much admiration. My so called "Huge Mistake" is now in his first year of Law School and believe me I make sure and let all those know that turned their back on me that my struggles were hard but my Son is my greatest achievement. I wish your daughter and that sweet grandchild all the best of luck. I admire her strength and determination and I hope she knows there are people out there that admire her.

I just did not want you to think we said anything negative. I of all people have walked that road before and only admire those that walk it also........... Wishing you all the very best.



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