Friday, February 6, 2009


I find myself, these days, to become very irritated by the smallest things.

- There is a lawyer in my office, Jason, and his office is very close to my desk. In order for him to get to the other lawyer's offices he has to walk by my desk. Well he walks past my desk like 50 times a day and his walk is very loud and fast. By the 10th time I want to tackle him and scream .. STAY IN YOUR OFFICE AND QUIT WALKING AROUND! But I don't...I smile when he walks by and secretly chew him out in my head.

It's weird how I let stuff like that get to me. (Speaking of Jason .. he JUST walked by for maybe the 8th time today.) I become angry at people or things because of tiny things that I shouldn't let get to me. I have an anger problem I need to work on.

I titled this "Luis." because of a little Mexican man. Everyone who works in this building that I work on parks in the parking garage. When you come into the garage you either swipe your card or get a ticket. In the mornings, Luis the parking deck guy, stands by the ticket machine and hands your ticket to you. So every morning he hands me my ticket, says hello and I say hello or good morning back. I was thinking today after we said our good mornings how each day varies on the tone of my voice and how I say good morning. I know he is the one person that can very well tell what kind of mood I'm in by the way I speak to him or the expression on my face. I bet he knows a lot about people in this building. I envy him because every morning his tone and expression never changes. He's always chipper and happy to be up. I need to grasp more of Luis's personality and posess it within me.

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Little Rock Photo said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to commend you on sharing the "Luis" experience. Positive energy is a great thing.