Monday, December 15, 2008

My Weekend.

My weekend consisted mainly of shopping and my mom and being mad at Ham :)

Friday night, Ham and I got a pint of Pinnacle and decided to drink that together with some papaya juice. Well Ham and I are both light weights and surprisingly, I never go that drunk. Ham on the other hand, well he was ironing his pants because he was going to go out and ended up throwing up. Hah, I love that kid. He can't handle his alcohol.

Anyways, Saturday morning my mom called and asked if it'd be a good day/night for her to come down and go shopping. Of course I agreed to that. We went to Bobbi Brown and got out makeup done and bought me all new makeup so I'm lookin' fresh this morning ;). I also found my new favorite store while she was here...Fransesca's. I'm def. going back today after I get off work to get a few dresses and a pair of jeans.

Last night (Sunday), Ham and I went and got some movies, one of them being The Brave One.
Wow, what a great movie. Definitely one of my new favorites. I know my mom reads this blog so mom when you read this you and dad DEF. need to go rent that movie! I stayed up til 2 finishing that movie because it was so good I didn't want to fall asleep. By the end of the movie, Ham and I were both so into it that Ham said, "Okay, we may need to stop it before I get teary-eyed." I don't care for Jodie Foster but she was superb in this movie and Terrance Howard...well I don't even have to say anything..he's a genius.

What I am trying to say is: Good movie. Must see.


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