Friday, December 12, 2008

Office Party.

So, last night was CNJ's annual Christmas Party at Larry's house. I didn't want to go by myself because I'm still fairly new to the firm and I just wanted someone that I knew really well there with me; so Erik came with me. All I had to tell him was there was going to be really nice food and an open bar and he was ready!

We got to the party at around 7:30. The house was gorgeous. They had people taking your coats, getting you drinks, and little things like that. So Erik immediately, of course, goes to the bar and gets a jack and coke for him and brings me a cosmo (sweet boy). We walked around and socialized for a little while and then it was time to eat. The food was absolutely wonderful. It was catered from Boulevard so if you ever need a good caterer...Boulevard is the place to go.

After dinner, Erik got another drink and also got me another cosmo. Then somewhere after my 3rd cosmo it was like somehow, someway Erik had already drank double the jack and cokes to my cosmos. I just remember thinking to myself, "Oh dear God no, please don't let him get wasted." But it was already a done deal. I still don't know how many he had but he was GONE.

He would "whisper" but really be yelling about people at the party. He tried to hit on one of the partner's daughters. He was having to grab on to stuff to keep from wobbling while he walked. It was just altogether bad.

So for all of you single girls out there who are considering Erik as a potential, significant other. Do not bring him to an office party with an open bar.

After I got home and rid of him it felt so nice just to lay on the couch with Ham and talk and laugh and cuddle. It was good to be home.

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