Thursday, December 11, 2008

Old Woman.

so I'm currently drooling over.. :


Someone buy me Christian Dior.

So last night Ham, Erik, and I went to Walmart and decided to get some movies to watch because we are sick of tv. I picked out Mr. Brooks and Ham got Borderland. Mr. Brooks was okay. I was a little disappointed on the acting and the overall setup of the movie. The storyline is brilliant they just needed to put more thought into least in my opinion. Ham's movie Borderland looks RIDICULOUS! It's some gorey, horror movie about these things that attack these teenagers in Mexico. Oh, how I can't wait to sit down and watch that tonight.

Oh, I completely forgot I won't be watching any movies tonight. I will be going to our office party tonight at one of the partner's houses (I work at a law firm). Apparentely his house is HUGE and there will be an open bar. Woohoo! Hah, I actually think I'll just show up say hello to everyone and then leave pretty early. I'd rather be at home on the couch watching tv.

The older I get the more I just like to be at home. If someone asked me right now if I wanted to go downtown with them Friday night to On the Rocks and party all night or stay in and watch a good movie on the couch.... I would say movie/couch. I'm more of a homebody now than I've ever been before.

I'm just an old woman trapped in this young body.

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Héléna D. said...

Trop beau quoi !
J'ai participé au concours pour assister au défilé mais ... sans résultats :'(